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    A combination of Federal and California solar programs are making it possible to get solar installed on your home at no upfront cost while also reducing your monthly bills. This program is running out and only some homes qualify. In an effort to reduce demand on the grid, your utility company will now pay you a credit for going solar if you submit an application before the end of the year. Save immediately and get paid for switching to solar with $0 spent out of pocket Making the transition to solar energy is expensive, but the cost has steadily dropped over the past decade. If you live in California, you may have access to even more savings. The Golden State has drastically increased its number of solar tax credits over the last few years. This explains the solar tax credits currently available to California homeowners so you can cut down on costs for your solar energy system. To find the best solar company for your switch to renewable energy, Contact with Loop Solar Systems.


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    Discover the benefits of switching to a renewable and sustainable source of energy!

    Here at Loop Solar Systems, we work with the aim to decrease utility costs and improve the lives of our customers by motivating them to switch to an abundant source of energy, thereby reducing their energy bills. Get in touch with our 24/7 team to learn more about us.
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    Residential Buildings with Solar Panels

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    Relief on Utility Bills

    With the help of the inexhaustible power of the sun, you can drastically eliminate your monthly electricity bill. A Solar Power installation can help you keep track of your estimated costs at a constant rate and make them more foreseeable.

    govt incentives

    Government Incentive

    Homeowners can be eligible to receive a one-time tax credit of 26% off the purchase price of the solar system.

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    Some homes can get 100% of their electricity from Solar Power. However, some sell surplus energy back to the grid. You no longer have to be at the mercy of the amount the power company wants to charge.