4 Easy Steps To Go Solar in Livermore


Speak with one of our local Livermore consultant for complete understanding of Solar Power


Let us evaluate your energy consumption, come up with a customized solar system pertaining to your home, and needs.


After that, we will set an appointment for your installation with one of our certified installers from Livermore.


After the implementation of the above steps, all you have to do is start enjoying the fruits of solar power – save your money!

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Solar Incentives in Livermore

Here at Loop Solar Systems we aim to enable our customers to reduce their massive electricity bills. Solar Power Systems in Livermore will ensure security and energy independence. We will help you avail excellent solar incentives, tax credits and solar rebate programs offered by the state of California, a number of cities, and local utilities.

Moreover, the Federal Residential Solar Energy Tax credit can be availed with a refund of up to 30% of your Solar Power cost. Customers can also get an exemption from property tax on the added home value from the installed solar panels. Not only that, but also many local utility companies provide rebates to reduce the Solar Power’s up front cost or after the system is installed.

2 Story House with Solar panels
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We Serve Livermore with Pride!

We provide professional solar panel installation in Livermore. Loop Solar Systems have profoundly serviced a wide range of zip codes and neighborhoods. Some of which are:

95037, 95038, 95050, 95054, 95051, 95055, 95053, 95056, 94022, 94023, 95108, 95113, 95119

Neighborhoods serviced:

Rivermark of Santa Clara, Downtown North, Evergreen Park, Charleston Meadow, and the list goes on.

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With a team of expert solar consultants, we will review and analyse the amount you’re spending on power, and come up with a Solar System Design keeping your home in mind, and give an overview of all financing options for your customer design.

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